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Duke Mason 2019 Caribbean Cruise



Passenger Legal Name(s)                                     Date of Birth    Gender              Daytime Telephone

(Legal name spelling should match your passport/driver’s license)

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Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Home Phone: ____________________________Work Phone: _______________________________


Cell Phone: _____________________________Email Address: ________________________________



Cruise Room Requested ___________________________________ (Inside, Ocean View, or Balcony)

 Are you sharing your room with anyone not listed above?  If yes, list their name:



Have you cruised with Royal Caribbean before?         Yes      No           


Group Dinner is confirmed for 5:30pm. Please let us know if you wish to change to your choice of either:

 Change dining time to              8:00pm           or         My Time Dining


Will you need Airfare, Hotel, or Cruise Transfers?      Yes            No 

 Home Air City________________

(Air prices announced once available)                                         


Amount Enclosed:        Deposit ($250 per person)      ________________


                                                             Insurance        ________________


                                                     Total Enclosed        ________________


Please make checks payable to GalaxSea Cruises & Tours.



 Credit Card Number: ________________________________ Sec Code _________ Expiration ______________

 Name on Card: ________________________________     Signature: ____________________________________

 Credit Card Billing Address:____________________________________________________________________


SPECIAL REQUESTS:  Dining with requests; Dietary Restrictions; Allergies; or Special Services you need



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